Sorry to get your hopes up, but there is no holy grail of exercise routines.

Regardless of what all those cheesy informercials try to tell you, there is not one product, exercise or routine that will guarantee every person the same, amazing results.

That is because fitness is not one size fits all.
Everybody has different goals, body types, likes and dislikes. Therefore, two people could try the same routine or diet and get drastically different results.

So, no, I do not have a magical routine for you. However, I do have some tips to help you get results from any routine, to make any routine, “the best workout routine.”

How to see results from any workout program: 

  1. Make sure it challenges youIf your workout doesn’t place a stress on the body above the threshold it is used to then it will not have to adapt. Therefore your body will not physically have to change, which means no results. On the other hand, when you apply stress to your body, through the intensity of your workout, your body will have to change leading to results.
  2. Ensure you enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy your workout even a little bit then you have a much lower chance of keeping it up. It doesn’t matter how hard you work in each workout if you aren’t consistent.
  3. Make sure there is variety. Not only should you be doing different forms of exercise (strength, cardio, flexibility, etc.) for your health, but also so that you don’t get bored with your routine and quit it.
  4. Be adaptable. By this I mean that your routine is flexible. Therefore if you are travelling and/ or have limited access to equipment you are able to adapt your routine to the environment.
  5. Stick with it and always get back on track. Since the only way to see results from any program is consistency, make sure you keep going even if you don’t see immediate results. Therefore, if you are on holidays and/or cannot get your usual workouts in for whatever reason, don’t beat yourself up. Just make sure when you are back to your everyday life that you get right back to your routine. Don’t prolong it just because you are worried about how hard your first workout back will be. However, remind yourself to ease back into your routine. This will ensure that you do not overdo it your first workout back and leave feeling either discouraged or injured.

Work hard and stick with it. Eventually you will get there!

The two most important aspects of any successful workout regiment are intensity and consistency. You could have a workout designed by the top trainer in the world, but without adequate intensity and adherence you will not see your desired results. Just remember that both are necessary in order to make a change. This means that if you have been going to the gym for a year, and haven’t noticed any results, chances are that you need to increase your intensity. If you are still lifting the same weights, or running the same distance in the same time as when you started, then you are no longer challenging your body. In conclusion, what makes any workout routine successful, or ‘better than others’, is the effort and commitment put into it.

A workout plan is only as successful as the work that you put into it. You can either be your own best asset or worst enemy, the choice is yours.

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