Hi and welcome to my life!

I am just a girl trying to find her place in this world, while trying to brighten and improve the lives of everyone I meet along the way.

I am on a mission to become the happiest and healthiest me that I can be!  My goal is to use my experience and knowledge in order to inspire and help as many people as possible live their best, healthiest and happiest life.

I want to help people see the beauty that is already within them, to help them find the ‘missing piece’ that will help them love themselves and their lives, while also allowing them to achieve overall balance and well-being.

Although I am still young and have many lessons to learn, I have come to see that life doesn’t have to be complicated and that your strongest ally is yourself. Many people have told me that I am ‘wise beyond my years,’ so my goal is to use my wisdom to empower and enlighten others to change their lives, whatever stage they are in now.

I am a CSEP – CPT and a PN1 Level Coach with a diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion, which means I am a certified Personal Trainer with a Certificate to coach nutrition. However, my philosophy on fitness and health is about progress over perfection, and living a balanced, healthy life style in order to optimize your health and happiness.

* It is never too late to change your life, you just have to start!